Curt Micka, J.D.

Curt Micka, J.D.


A recent survey by the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) at Eckerd College found that managers spend a substantial amount of time dealing with conflict. Forty-four percent of managers spend more than twenty percent of their time on conflict-related issues and more than two-thirds of managers spend more than ten percent of their time handling workplace conflict. This confirmed a recent study done by the Center for Creative Leadership which discovered that a majority of managers report moderate levels of conflict on the job. It also suggests that finding effective means for resolving conflict effectively might lessen the amount of time required for managers to deal with workplace conflict.

In addition, a study from the LDI shows a strong link between the person's ability to resolve conflict effectively and his or her perceived effectiveness as a leader.

At the same time, few managers have received specific, in-depth, and focused training, coaching and mentoring about how to improve their conflict resolution skills. I provide such leadership development training, coaching and mentoring.

The Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP)

I use the CDP to help executives and managers identify behaviors that contribute to the constructive resolution of conflict along with those that create conflict and keep it from being resolved constructively.

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The Enneagram

Once behaviors are identified that can be of use or hindrance to leaders, I use the Enneagram to help leaders understand the motivation behind behaviors so that they have an easier and more efficient path for either increasing desired behaviors or decreasing less helpful ones.

In addition, the Enneagram shows leaders their implicit leadership paradigms – mental models and assumptions about what effective leaders should do – highlighting both the leadership strengths that develop from these paradigms and the possible areas that will eventually derail them. With this information, additional coaching and mentoring enables leaders to move ahead quickly with skill development that can further enhance their effectiveness and efficiency.

Summary of Leadership Development Services

Whether you'd like help enhancing your leadership skills in the area of conflict competence, communication, giving and receiving feedback, decision-making, or team development, I can provide you with the necessary training, coaching, and mentoring. Don't wait. Contact me today!


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The Triadic Nature of Conflict Transformation at the 2017 IEA European Conference in Helsinki, Finland   September 22-24, 2017

Befriending Your Inner Critic at Unity Church in Golden Valley, MN   October 22, 2017   1:30 – 3:30 pm

Transforming Conflict with the Enneagram for the IEA Korea Affiliate, Seoul, Korea, November 25-27, 2017


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