Curt Micka, J.D.

Curt Micka, J.D.


What Is the Enneagram?

From one vantage point, the Enneagram is a complex and fascinating system of personality that describes 9 ways that people perceive and make sense of the world. It describes 9 different patterns (or habits) of thought, emotional reactivity and behavior that people use in an attempt to attain autonomy and respect, connection and love, and safety and security. It reveals 9 different ways that we focus our attention, 9 different  "world views" through which we filter all experiences, and it helps us see 9 different sets of personality characteristics, blind spots, gifts and challenges. Rather than being a system that "puts us in a box", it helps us see the box that we're already in and offers a path of liberation, or a way of being all that we can be, unbounded by reactive and unconscious patterns and habits.

In all of its different facets, the Enneagram is a spiritual path, a path of personal and emotional self-development and growth, and a development path that can greatly enhance your ability to be more effective, productive, and successful in your  professional and personal lives. And it's a path that allows for and enhances a deep sense of compassion, kindness and gentleness – for both yourself and others.

I can work with you to explore and discover along any of these paths.

For more detailed information about the history, development, and intricacies of the Enneagram, check out any of the following sites:

Why Do I Use the Enneagram in my Work?

I use the Enneagram with individuals, organizations and businesses because it is the best path, the best guide, that I've found to help people see themselves and others with new eyes and fresh perspectives. I know of no other system that allows for and facilitates the understanding of differences and the ability to appreciate other perspectives faster or with more empathy.

I incorporate the Enneagram in almost all of my services, as follow:

  • Enneagram training includes an exploration of how your dominant Enneagram type shows up in how you communicate, in how you give and receive feedback, deal with personal and professional relationships, manage conflict, work with teams and lead, and more.
  • Conflict coaching includes the assessment of individual behaviors that contribute to the destructive and constructive management of conflict, along with how your Enneagram type shows up and impacts your engagement with conflict, leadership, and more.
  • Leadership development coaching and mentoring focuses on how your dominant Enneagram type can both help you become a more effective leader and it reveals how your type can offer you challenges in maintaining effective leadership skills.
  • Mediation of disputes, including workplace, special education, elder care, parent-child, civil rights, and business mediation. Again, I uses the Enneagram during the mediation process.
  • Conflict management training, including the importance of self-management as a crucial aspect of conflict resolution and how the Enneagram can assist you with this.

To learn more about any of my services, contact me at or 612-226-1702.


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The Triadic Nature of Conflict Transformation at the 2017 IEA European Conference in Helsinki, Finland   September 22-24, 2017

Befriending Your Inner Critic at Unity Church in Golden Valley, MN   October 22, 2017   1:30 – 3:30 pm

Transforming Conflict with the Enneagram for the IEA Korea Affiliate, Seoul, Korea, November 25-27, 2017


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